Awards Recieved in 1999
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My 13th Award! January 3, 1999
 (first award this year!!) 
Thank you so much

My 14th Award! January 17, 1999
from a great site!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, Bill!
(those roses are beautiful, aren't they?) 

My 15th Award! February 6, 1999
I LOVE it!!
Thanks Lawrence!!
(wow it's personalized even!) 

My 16th Award! February 7, 1999
This is a such a special award, because it was sent to me without my applying for it!!
Thanks Ellen, it is truely appreciated!!
(I just love those roses, don't you?)

My 17th and 18th Awards! February 8, 1999
Wow, thanks Nina!! Not one but Two special awards to PinkRosesToo!o They are truely appreciated!!
(well now ... I think I even see a pink rose in the first award there!! ) 

My 19th Award Received February 9, 1999
Another special award, sent without my applying for it!!
Thank You, Angel Eyes it is truely appreciated!!
(Such a sweet-looking angel!) 

My 20th Award !! Received February 11, 1999
Wow! Isn't it pretty? And I didn't even apply for it :o) 
Thank You, Angel inFlight ~ I LOVE the roses!! 
(Aren't they a lovely shade of pink?) 

My 21st Award !! Received February 16, 1999
A beautiful Award from a very special site! Thanks Kaby!
(Those roses are beautiful!) 

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