Awards Recieved in 2000
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My 22nd Award! March 5, 2000
 (first award this century!!) 
It means so much to receive awards that I didn't apply for :) Thank you!! Lettie Ü 

Award #23!! Received March 7, 2000 
Another one I received without applying!!
Thanks so much AngelBaby!

Award #24!! Received April 10, 2000
I LOVE those roses!!
Thanks You!!

Award #25!! Received April 10, 2000
It is truely appreciated!!

Award #26!! 
Received April 11, 2000 
Very Nice, I LOVE IT!!
Thanks MaryLou!!!

Award #27!! Received April 13, 2000
An upgrade from a prior award received from Marie!! Thank you, Marie!!

Award #28!!
Received April 13, 2000
From a great site, please visit them. Thank you, Coral!!

Award #29!! Received April 13, 2000
Thank you so much, OrchidLady!

Award #30!! April 13, 2000
WOW! Four in one day!

Thank you, Golden Odyssey!!

Award #31!! April 13, 2000
Oh, look at those pretty roses!!

Thank you, MistyRain!

Award #32 and 33!! April 14, 2000
WOW! Two more beautiful awards, and from such a wonderful site, too!

Thank you, Ramona!

Award #34!! April 15, 2000
A beautiful award from a great site!! Please visit them.

Thank you, Chris!

Award #35!! April 15, 2000
What a pretty award from Jan'sPlace!!

Thank you, Jan!

Award #36!! April 16, 2000
Oh, just look at those lovely pink roses :) from Beach Place!!

Thank you, Idee!

Award #37!! April 16, 2000 
Wow!! that is Pretty!!
Thank you, Peace Work Judges:
Jef, Cyd, Tig and Emma-Kate

Award #38!! April 19, 2000
Another beautiful Award!!

Thank you, Jenny!!

Award #39!! April 21, 2000
Now that is pretty!!

Thank you, Bob!!

Award #40!!
Received April 26, 2000
This is the award for April!!

Thank you, Debbie!!

Award #41!! May 29, 2000 
WOW! a site of the WEEK!!
Thank you, Again, Chris!

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