Awards Received in 1998
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My 1st award ! December 13, 1998
Thanks so much Barbara Sue~ 
(and it's PINK too! hehe) 
My 2nd award ! December 13, 1998 
Thanks so much John :o)
(and it's got PINK letters!) 
My 3rd award ! December 17, 1998 
Thanks so much, Marie, for the award and also for the excellent graphics you provide! :o) 
(notice the PINK roses too!) 
My 4th award ! December 17, 1998
I really appreciate it, Tami,
(hmmm is this a trend ?... Notice the PINK border ?) 
My 5th award ! December 18, 1998
Thanks to Dawn White for visiting PinkRosesToo ! 
My 6th award ! December 19, 1998
Thanks so much to Janine and JFG Magazine!
(hmmm do I detect just a hint of pink in this award?)

My 7th and 8th awards ! December 19, 1998
My special thanks to Linda for awarding not one, but Two special awards to PinkRosesToo Linda has a great site, I hope you'll visit it soon.
(well now ... could that possibly be a couple of pink roses in that award? ) 
My 9th Award ! December 21, 1998
Thanks Sandi! (not only pink but GOLD too!)
My 10th Award ! December 21, 1998
Thanks so much Audree! WOW I'm more than just a little bit overwhelmed by this one! So much pink!! And from such a beautiful site as well!
Web Elegance Award 1998
My 11th Award ! December 26, 1998
Wow! What can I say except "Thanks, Pamela!" It's Beautiful! 
My 12th Award ! December 27, 1998
I am so honored to have received this award. Thanks, Tina!
(if there is anything better than PINK, its GOLD! hehe) 
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