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The Queen of the Night
and the Scarlet Avenger

copyright 1998 Dan Bynum (used with permission)

The Queen of the Night and the Scarlet Avenger
Met in a chat room one day.
Said the Queen of the Night to the Scarlet Avenger,
"You're sweet, do you have time to play?".
So they shut out the world in a two-person chatroom,
Each typed for the other to read.
They talked of the world, they talked of the weather,
Not knowing quite where this might lead.

"So tell me about your wonderful self",
The Avenger typed with a grin.
The Queen of the Night said "Certainly, dear,
I'm pretty, I'm rich, and I'm thin."
"They say that I look like a brunette Bo Derek,
"though prettier by just a bit.
The Avenger said "Great. And just so you know,
"I strongly resemble Brad Pitt."

He lifted his hand and his digital fingers
Stroked her computerized cheek.
They looked eye to eye, their throats both went dry,
For a moment unable to speak.
Then he kissed her nose and her eyes and her lips,
And she gave back as good as she got.
The typing went faster and faster and faster
And God those computers got hot.

Their fingers were flashin' with keystrokes of passion
That melted the telephone wire.
They talked of Romance, they talked about Love,
But mainly they spoke of Desire.
It was "I touch your this" and "you kiss my that",
I won't bore you with all the details,
They walked hand in hand into that cyberland
Where normal reality pales. 

And when it was over, they both sat in silence,
Not knowing quite what they should say.
He said "Gotta go" and she said "I do, too",
And they each went their separate way.
The Queen of the Night was a silver-haired spinster
Reliving the days of her youth
And he was a sixteen year old Texas schoolboy,
And that is the unvarnished truth.

But who is to say that what they did was wrong?
Love's hard to come by in this life.
And not every person is blessed with good fortune
In finding a husband or wife.
The boy and the spinster had made a connection,
If just for a moment or two,
And who is to say that they weren't a bit richer?
Not me, and I sure hope not you!

Because you've done the same, you anonymous pervert,
I finally found out who you are!
You're the blonde in the red dress that bought me a drink
At the AOL Chat cyberbar!
You told me that you were a beautiful woman,
And now I find out you're a guy!
But that is ok, because I had a virus,
Your hard drive will now crash and di....


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 "The Queen of the Night and the Scarlet Avenger" was written by Dan Bynum
and is used with permission

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