A Parent's Message To Our Military Forces

I used to read your favorite books, then tuck you in at night
And then I'd chase away your fears, when I switched off the light
We checked behind the curtains, and back behind the door
All the places where "they" hid, like the darkened closet floor
We never found a single ghost, no monsters there were found
But still we checked ... just in case, to make sure none were around

Year by year the toddler grew, into a little boy
I didn't need to check for ghosts, just get your favorite toy
More years passed, the little boy, gave way to pre-teen years

You'd kiss me quick then run to bed, no time for childhood fears
High school years, the young man grew, no good night kisses now
You knew your world was safe and free, and you never wondered "How?"

But now the ghosts are different, they hide in caves and sand
You turn to chase them all away, with no one to hold your hand
Go chase away the monsters, from back behind the door
Keep our world so safe and free, but remember one thing more
Mom and Dad are always there, deep within your heart
And know we're very proud of you, when you go to do your part.

Written by Jan and Dedicated to Joel, Josh, Eric,
and all the members or the United States Armed Forces.

© January 11, 2003, PinkRosesToo

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