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The dishes in the kitchen are piled up in the sink
But Little Voices call to me, "It's time to play, I think"

The tables all need dusting, and the laundry isn't done
But hear those Little Voices call, "Come on, Mom, time for fun!"

The floors could use a scrubbing, and there's toys from wall to wall
But, Little Voices in my ear, "Hey, Mom, Let's play some ball!"

Well, the dust has settled nicely, and the dishes can wait too,
I'm hearing Little Voices, "Mommy, Let's go to the zoo!"

For all too soon, they leave the nest, the years go by so fast
Those Little Voices soon grow up...Enjoy it while it lasts !



"Little Voices" was written by Jan 

Pictures are from Hummel Prints 

Thanks to Fabio Cuicci  for his bookflip applet 

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