;Name, Width, Height; Registration code (if you have it)&
; Reglink opened in new frame?; Name of new frame for reglink&
; Image 1 to load; Image 2 to load;Image 3 to load&
; Image 4 to load; Image 5 to load;Image 6 to load&
;Image 7 to load;link 1; link 2;link 3; link 4;link 5&
; link 6;link 7; statusbar msg on image 1&
;statusbar msg on image 2; statusbar msg on image 3&
;statusbar msg on image 4; statusbar msg on image 5&
;statusbar msg on image 6; statusbar msg on image 7&
; resolution (1-8); speed of fade (1-255)&
; pause (value = milliseconds).; Progresive fading ("YES" or "NO")&
; Optional image over applet; Over image X offset&
; Over image Y offset; Memory deallocation delay&
; Task priority (1..10); Min. milliseconds/frame for sync&
; Steps for the first morphing point to reach def. color&
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Good Bye, My Friend was written by Jan for PinkRosesToo

Java Applet Complements of  Fabio Ciucci

Photo Compliments of xoom.com

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