Best Friends of Long Ago 

Today a memory crossed my mind,
Of friendship long ago
I wondered "Do you think of me?"
Why don't you let me know?

That friendship built up way back then
Has slipped from where it stood
We both moved on ... and drifted off
We said we never would

I often think "I'll write today"
Or call and say "hello"
To let you know I'm thinking of
Best friends of long ago

But then I get too busy
And another day goes by
But does it really take that long
To tell a Best Friend "Hi"?

Today I vowed to do it
This page is just for you
To let you know you're in my mind
I hope I'm in yours too

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"Best Friends" written by Jan
Background created by Jan
Background photo copyright held by Jan and Jerry

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This page is dedicated to Jan's best friends from high school

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