Here are some graphic sets I made.

For faster viewing, each will open in a separate window. To return to this list, just close the window. Each page has a link to download a zip file containing the full set. If you want to use any of my graphics, download the zip file and please link to with either the button provided in the zip file or with a simple text link. Also, please email me when your page is up so I can go see it :) Thanks!

Side Borders

Top Borders

Full Backgrounds

*yellow flower

*green medallion

*brown moonstone


*silver weave

*silver black

green bubble

*blue bubble

*ruby web


*blue white flower

*fall leaves

*brown medallion

*rose leaves


*pearl medallion

*dark pink beads

*brown black alien

*pink petals


*white coral


*pearl pansies


*gold pearl


*blue silver


Sets marked with * are made with jewelry pieces which may be seen at

A Cache of Jewels
(used with permission)

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