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First, my family.  On Nov. 29, 1999, my hubby (Jerry) and I celebrated our 31st anniversary. Jerry is just about the Best hubby/partner/best-friend/etc./etc./etc. a woman could ever dream of (due in part to the 31 years I've spent training him {hehe}). He has been so supportive of me and my efforts to make the PinkRoses and PinkRosesToo pages terrific!

Together, we have raised two sons, Joel (26) and Josh (25), who have grown into very responsible young men (finally!). And, since they are both married, we now have two daughters as well (Chritz and Jeni).What a bonus!

And, of course, I can't forget that darling little "troubler" of a grandson, who is just about as cute as they come. Lil Josh is five and into everything! But he surely is a cutie! In addition, on our 31st anniversary, another grandson appeared on the scene! Jeremy is already giving his older brother some stiff competition in the 'cute' department!

I teach mathematics full time at a local high school and part time at a community college. In my spare time (what's that?) I design web pages for PinkRosesToo and Artful Illusions Web Creations, chat on ICQ and CU-SeeMe, help students with homework and try to learn more about making web pages.

My true loves are teaching and learning.

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